Traditional Kerala Sadya (Oct 19th)


Traditional Kerala Sadya (Oct 19th)


Oct 19th, Noon - Jersey City, NJ
Hosted by Leena

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This event
is a feast consisting of a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes usually served on a banana leaf in Kerala, India. Sadhya means banquet in Malayalam. It is a vegetarian feast prepared for special occasions like weddings.

Kerala Sadhya – Traditional Vegetarian Feast


Parripu neyy– The start of the meal, lentils served with rice and neyy Ghee (clarified butter)

Sambaar – A must for any Sadya, lentil based dish cooked with a lot of vegetables

Avial – “Mixed Vegetables” with grated coconut

Kaalan – A yogurt and coconut dish made with Yam / Raw Banana

Olan – White Pumpkin cooked with black eyed peas in coconut milk

Thoran – Cabbage / beans with grated coconut

Ellissery – Pumpkin Cooked with Black Chickpeas in a coconut gravy

Pacchadi – Spiced Coconut and Yogurt dish cooked with seasonal fruits

Ishtu – Potatoes cooked with onions & ginger in coconut milk

Maanga curry – Homemade Mango Pickle

Naranga curry – Homemade Lemon Pickle

Pulliinchi – A Tangy tamarind, ginger and jaggery curry

Inchi Thayyir – Ginger-Onion-Cumin & spices mixed with yogurt

Upperi – Plaintain / Banana chips

Sharkara Varatti – Jaggery coated banana chips

Chakka Varthadu – Jackfruit chips

Pappadam – Fried lentil based wafers

Chor – Cooked Rice

Prathaman – A sweet dish made with banana / jackfruit / lentils in jaggery and coconut milk.

House Rules

  • BYO – feel free to bring you choice of drink

  • Menus can be changed to accommodate dietary restrictions, please specify at least 48 hrs in advance.